Spring 2014 Conference

Spring 2014 Conference: Big Data for Energy and Environment

The Spring 2014 conference of the Energy and Environment Affiliates Program at Stanford University on Big Data for Energy and Environment was held on May 15, 2014. The conference included speakers from Stanford and industry, who focused on the impact of massive data and sophisticated analytical techniques in fields such as electricity generation and distribution, manufacturing, oil and gas, and sustainability.

      See a clip of the conference below:


Steve Eglash

Steve Eglash, Executive Director, Energy and Environment Affiliates Program welcomed the audience and spoke about big data research at Stanford.

Jeff Koseff

Jeff Koseff, Co-Director, Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment, Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering introduced the conference theme of Big Data for Energy and Environment.

Margot Gerritsen

Margot GerritsenDirector, Institute for Computational and Mathematical Engineering (ICME), Associate Professor, Energy Resources Engineering talked about the ICME and how to get students up to speed in data science.

Phil Levis

Phil Levis, Associate Professor, Computer Science and Electrical Engineering spoke about the internet of things and new computational models to collect and store data.

Biondo Biondi

Biondo Biondi, Professor, Geophysics talked about active seismic surveying as a big data industry, such as monitoring subsurface processes for conventional reservoirs, as well as for CO2 sequestration projects.

Jef Caers

Jef Caers, Professor, Energy Resources Engineering spoke about the challenges of physically realistic models that are data charged, providing better forecasts, and using training images as a link between physical realism and statistics.

Hector Garcia-Molina

Hector Garcia-Molina, Director, Stanford Data Science Initiative (SDSI), Professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science gave an overview of SDSI.

Mary Ruckelshaus

Mary Ruckelshaus, Managing Director, Natural Capital Project talked about the Earth Genome Project and how it aims to scale to a global system.

Noah Diffenbaugh

Noah Diffenbaugh, Associate Professor, Environmental Earth Systems Science spoke about climate risk management and the role of big data to direct the analysis of massive climate datasets.

Annie Hazlehurst

Sara Menker

Annie Hazlehurst, Founder, Faridan and Sara Menker, CEO and Founder, Gro Intelligence spoke about computational and visualization tools that enable financial institutions, corporations and the public sector to make more informed decisions.

Balaji Prabhakar,

Balaji Prabhakar, Professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science talked about his crow-sourced transit system start up Urban Engines.

Ram Rajagopal

Ram Rajagopal, Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering spoke about a sustainable grid system, where the supply is variable and the demand is flexible.

Amit Narayan

Amit Narayan,CEO and Founder, AutoGrid talked about predictive analytics and controls and how this is is improving energy productivity.